Dear Ms. Marsala,

I am writing this letter to thank you about all you helps. I have been learning English here since July 5, 2001. When I came here, I could not use English communicating with others. Fortunately, I stayed with your program, which helped me improve my english a lot. Though your company (Trillium Student Exchange) is not a huge enterprise, it has given me all what I need. I can speak English with Canadians all the time, make friends, and go out with them a lot. I remember how good you cared for me when I was sick. Besides that, I have a good accommodation and food. Above all, I have been in a friendly and nice family whose all members respect my culture. Therefore, I feel satisfied and comfortable to study in Canada. I am going to study computer science as a second degree at McMaster University next year. Once again, I would like to say thank you about that!


Tran Hong Quan