Dear Shelley

I wanna thank you for everything that you did for me when I was in Canada. While I was there I had my best experiences, you treated me lika a son and you taught me a lot about the canadian culture, your manner of life, mind frame, etc...

You and Blaine were too good with me. I don't have the words to express how glad I am with you, and it's a pleasure for me to recommend you to organize your own "Exchange Program" because I know that you are very organized in your work, responsible, and your always worrying about helping people that need it.

Personally I wanna thank you for everthing that you did for me while I was living at your house, you and Blaine make me pass my best days in Canada and I would like to come back soon. Canada is like my second home, and since I left I miss it very much. I miss the Falls, the people, the culture and you.

One more time, Thanks for everything.


Your Mexican-Son, (Quico) Enrique Pinelo,
Merida Yucatan Mexico